Big Beach at Makena laslo-photosI have been to the beautiful beaches of Maui. Covered with sand and rocks. I step into the cool salty water with my snorkel goggles and flippers on. The sun is beating on my head as I dive in I watch for mini fish or crabs with my head under water. I take pictures with my under water camera I got for Christmas.

We leave the beach and go shower of all the sand in the shower back at the hotel room. Then we go to explore the island and find a place to eat. We go back to the hotel room worth to big Hawaiian pineapples. they where delicious the best fruit I’ve  ever tasted the juice sweet pineapple I  just needed more.

Then we decided to go swiming down in the pool. Through the gate I see the pool and I couldn’t wait to get in. I stood at the end of the pool and I dived in The fresh water. It was relaxing but I could stay in that pool forever. My dad came in with my little brother and him through us all in the pool. Then my brother wanted to go to the mini golfing.

 so we all went back to the hotel and got changed so me and my brothers could go mini golf.

The next day we went on a wale tour. It was amazing all the hump back whales where putting on a show there was even a baby. They ever let us swim with the turtles. That bout was my favorite part of Hawaii.

As we leave Maui to go to the air port there is a sun set above the ocean and I hope I come back one day.

Image big beach makena Laos photo

4 thoughts on “Hawaii

  1. Hi Jaiden my names Nick and I’m from Australia. I’ve been to Hawaii to except I went to Oahu. Have you seen any of the volcanoes. I did when I went in 2007.

  2. cool jaiden,
    how much fun did you have on that trip? Would you suggest going there?

    hope you had fun,


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