Pastoral floto's photostreamI like horses they are my favorite animal. I want a horse but my parents won’t let me get a horse because I can’t afford one and I wouldn’t give it its proper care. I hope in the future I get a horse. I go horse back ridding in every Thursday. I have fun because I and training to go in a show.


Do you like horses?

Do you have a horse?

Do you want a horse?

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You need to hear both sides of the storey side of the storey before you judge some body. It happens a lot people judge someone without hearing their sides of the story. For one they might not be telling everything. For two there could be a whole other story so it’s really important. This is a rule of Justice. It happens a lot when people don’t listen to both sides of the story and they judge someone and it’s all one big misunderstanding. Does this happen to you as much as it happens to me?


heartland.jpg pic3Some of  you may be familiar  with the books and the TV series heartland. Those of you who aren’t heartland is about a girl named Amy Fleming, when her mother dies the day before her fifteenth birthday. Her mother had a gift with horses and she heartland pic2takes on that gift. Heartland is a place where aroused and  frightend horses could have second chances.
I love this series it involves my favorite animals.
I went to go see some of the actors from of the show, at a stable in Vancouver it was incredible I was like is this rely happening to me.

This picture is the one I dot autographed. I met Ty, Caleb,  Ashely,  Mallory, Val, and Jake. Some people I said aren’t in these photos.
Heartland1.jpg pic1

Does a seed have life?

Today we had a discussion about if a seed was a living thing. We had five questions that scientist use to help them figure out what lives and what doesn’t.  If yes is the answer to all the questions they know it is a living thing.
Can it reproduce to make more of its kind?
Can it make or get food?
Can it use food?
Can it sense and react to its surroundings?
What do I think? Yes I believe a seed is a living thing. Why do I believe what I do? Because we as babies couldn’t survive without our mothers or someone to help us, even animals are the same way.  All a seed needs is a little help, if someone put it where there was moist dirt and lots of sunlight it would grow.


As I stare at shadows on the trees

I feel a warm breeze from the wind and the sun working together.I look up at the

blue sky not cloud in sight.

The sun is in the corner of my eye.

The beautiful leaves and branches have fallen, left to rot.

Moss surrounds me.

A small vine with little green leaves grows up a tall tree beside me.

I stare at a meadow with the rays of the sun.

A small fern grows in front of me… it reminds me of Christmas.

I smell a mixture of pine and sap.

Nature has taken its course.


Nature has taken it’s course.

The Living Desert

Spring break we went to Palm Springs. We went to the living desert. It was such a good experience, we seen a whole bunch of cool animals like, mountain lion. cheetah, highina, leopard, and mountain goat. There was all so lot’s of birds, and they had a lot of animals that couldn’t survive in the wild. They should us how they could help the animals with videos. The thing I didn’t like was the giraffes went out that day. They couldn’t put them out on a rainy day because they mite get electrocuted.


Have you ever just sat there and had nothing to write about? 

Just staring at a single dot in tiled sealing things?

 Nothing to write about?

 Have you?

Have you really?

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